Your gift this Christmas can give a young carer the support they need to reach their future potential.

Protecting young carers' futures has never been more important. Imagine at just 13-years-old, juggling your school work, friendships and the responsibility of caring for a loved one. This is the reality for the estimated 214,500 young carers living across the UK. But you can make a difference. By making a donation this Christmas, you can give a young carer hope for their future.

On average a young carer misses 48 days of school per year. 

And shockingly, a quarter of young carers report being bullied at school due to their caring role. At Carers Trust we are putting young carers' needs first, funding projects that protect young carers' mental health, education and wellbeing, but we need your help.

  • £25 could provide a dedicated mentor for a young carer who is struggling at school, so they can feel hopeful about their future.
  • £50 can help pay for a specialist counselling session for a young carer who is feeling anxious, depressed or overwhelmed by their responsibilities.
  • £100 can go towards a day out for a group of young carers, so they can speak to other children in the same position as themselves, and spend some time together away from their responsibilities.

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