Lockdown has been really difficult for young adult carers like Darcey. Before the pandemic, Darcey had begun to reach out and look for opportunities to learn new skills and think about her life and dreams. But lockdown put a stop to that, as she found herself spending even more time caring for her mum than ever before.

In a recent survey, almost seven in ten young adult carers reported losing connection with others due to the pandemic. During lockdown Darcey had no respite. She loves her mum, but it was very hard only having her to talk to. Darcey couldn’t even attend online support group sessions as she had no access to a computer and couldn’t afford to buy one. She soon began to lose the confidence she’d worked so hard to build. Your gift today could help a young adult carer like Darcey reconnect with the world.

  • £10 could help an unpaid carer pay for a month of wi-fi connection so they can find the support they need from their home.
  • £35 could go towards purchasing a laptop or tablet so a young adult carer can get online to reconnect with the world.
  • £50 could help fund a peer support group, giving unpaid carers a set time to join others like them for a virtual cuppa and cake. 

When caring feels relentless, taking breaks to build friendships and focus on your needs is vital. It could mean the difference between feeling strong and in control, or feeling isolated and alone. Can you help a carer like Darcey with a donation today?

Stock photo. Posed by model. Image courtesy of istock