This Christmas, could you give back? Your support today could help to empower more young carers to pursue their dreams and aspirations whilst navigating their care-giving responsibilities.

Young carers like Florence give their all, every day of the year.

“The cost-of-living crisis got me wondering if I should drop out of university, to just work and try to get money essential needs like groceries, energy and gas bills, but also to save for both me and my Mum.”

- Florence

Previous donations have provided Florence with workshops on budgeting, navigating benefits and household management. Carers Trust have also offered cooking sessions and food packages, equipping her with skills to prepare cheap and nutritious meals.

With the assistance of a Carers Trust support officer, she has found people who understand her situation and ensure she doesn’t face her challenges alone.

Donating today will help more young carers like Florence with much-needed support this Christmas.

Your gift to young carers this Christmas helps all year round


Your support enables us to work closely with schools and colleges to ensure that young carers receive the recognition and support they need to excel.

Life skills

From time management and communication skills to problem-solving and self-care. Tailored programmes and hands-on training empower young carers to navigate life’s challenges with confidence.


These grants provide much-needed financial support to young carers and their families, helping them cover essential expenses and access resources that ease their care-giving responsibilities.


Through support groups, events, and online platforms, we create a network where young carers can share experiences, offer mutual support and know they’re not alone on their journey.