As most children look forward to Christmas, many young carers like Hailey are feeling more alone than ever. Donate today to support carers like Hailey when they need it most.

Hailey’s mum has fibromyalgia and since she was six, Hailey has been helping her with medication, washing and dressing, and providing comfort when she becomes forgetful, unable to speak or focus.

The holidays can really heighten young carers’ worries as they take on extra responsibility at home. But with your support this Christmas, our teams can be there for more young carers.

Could you donate today to support someone like Hailey through the festive season?
  • £10 could help a young carer celebrate the season and attend a festive event held by their local carer service.
  • £25 could give a young carer peace of mind, helping to pay for a specialist counselling session.
  • £50 could enable a young carer to reach their potential by providing a dedicated mentor for a young carer who is struggling at school, giving them hope for the future.

Hailey would do anything for her mother. Caring for her doesn’t feel like a chore.

“I know she hates having to rely on me so much, but I would do anything to ease her pain” Hailey, young carer

Your Christmas gift could mean a young carer can have a desperately needed break or specialist counselling. Even a little help can make a world of difference.

Thanks to people like you, we recently arranged for a trained volunteer to stay with Hailey’s mum for half a day. So finally, Hailey could have some time for herself without feeling guilty about leaving her mum on her own.

"I could just be Hailey, just be myself for a bit."

Many children like Hailey out there are full-time carers for someone they love. They desperately need support this Christmas and all year round. Thank you for whatever you are able to give.

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