"I’m trying to be everything to everyone. I always feel on the verge of tipping over."

Claire’s call for help, as a full-time carer and mother of three, is like countless other carers.

Claire cares for her youngest son, Danny, who is non-verbal, and autistic, and so she navigates a world with unique challenges.

Every day demands a huge level of patience that is hard to describe. Sensory meltdowns and sleepless nights are part of the home routine, leaving Claire mentally and physically exhausted.

"And now, the cost of living crisis has hit our family like a storm."

Every bill that lands on the doormat brings a fresh wave of anxiety for Claire, with the price of essentials having sky-rocketed. Every day she is being forced to make impossible choices: does she heat the house or does she make sure the family can eat a little better.

The financial pressures on Claire meant she was forced to move out of her home into an unfurnished flat with no washing machine and no money to purchase one.

With no washing machine, Claire spent hours doing laundry which disrupted Danny's routine and took away spending valuable family time with her children.

There’s constant worry about how long Claire can continue doing this alone.

This is the reality of being a full-time carer. Unpaid carers like Claire across the UK are being pushed to the limit. People don’t see carers, because their struggles often stay hidden behind closed doors. They need support to keep being there for their loved ones.

Thanks to donations, we were able to provide Claire with a grant that meant she could purchase a washing machine. The funds we raise also enable us to provide support to our network partners, who make sure carers like Claire can get help from a local carer centre.

"I felt ashamed in asking for help and I didn’t know what to expect. But the person I spoke to at the local carers centre truly understood what I was going through – there was no judgement, only support."

"It’s comforting to know that there’s an organisation out there dedicated to helping families like mine, recognising what we’re going through, and actively working to lighten our load."

"Now, the washing machine is right here. I’ve reclaimed those precious hours to give my children what they really need – their mum."

"This is why I’m appealing to you today. Because Carers Trust was there to help my family when I needed it most – but only thanks to people's generous donations. So for this, I cannot thank you enough."

"I also know I’m not the only one – there are thousands of carers in every city and town who I’m sure feel the same, and desperately need someone to listen and support them."

You can support carers like Claire to help them keep on caring for their loved ones.